Your Yoga is now closed

Thanks for an amazing 7 1/2 years. When Megan and I decided to leave New York City and return to the place where she grew up to found a yoga studio, we did it for the adventure, and for the sense of purpose. Life's so short, and if you don't make bold choices, chances are you'll be left wondering what might have been. So we moved to Minneapolis, rented a huge space in Dinkytown for way more than we could afford, and spent what I estimate to be a total of 42,000 hours between the two of us doing everything from teaching yoga to making videos to building websites to cleaning bathrooms. Even though there were some tough times, neither of us would take back a single one of those hours.

Running a yoga studio has been way harder than I ever imagined. Turns out I'm a poor negotiator, an impulsive decision-maker, and have the financial instincts of a lemur. But I think I did a decent job of working with people for the most part (apologies for the times when that wasn't the case). And I know we made a deep and lasting impact in the lives of many of the 7,000 people who came through our doors.

A yoga community is like an extended family, but without the bickering and the racist uncle.* Thanks for being our family this past tenth of a lifetime. If you're sad to see the studio doors close, please remember that we named the place Your Yoga for a reason. The yoga belongs to you. It's not about the teacher or the physical space - it's about you being yourself, more fully. If you loved our classes, and if they touched your heart, it's because you contain vast depths of joys, sorrow, and wisdom within you. We just did our best to stir the brew, remind you of some things you might have forgotten, and unleash the greatness that you are.

At the same time, I want to recognize our teachers, who all worked tirelessly to become better and better facilitators. Our craft is a beautiful one, the practice of which repays the hard work a thousandfold. Every transcendent savasana; every moment of insight in a deep hip opener; every time you amazed yourself by doing what you thought impossible: that's why we do what we do. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.

We hope we'll see you again some day. Thanks for being you.

With gratitude,

David and Megan

*None of my uncles are racist