Upcoming Workshops

We are passionate about creating yoga experiences that are not only informative but also transformative. Our workshops are the perfect place to deepen your practice, broaden your horizons, and gain new self-awareness.

Tensegrity: Our Internal Scaffolding with Tiffany

Saturday May 19th 230pm-430pm @Your Yoga Uptown $30 ($25 students)

What allows you to stand tall? You might be surprised to learn that we do not stand upright due to a rigid skeleton with muscles and ligaments attached. Our bones actually float in a myofascial matrix and we stand tall thanks to a delicate blend of tensile and compressive forces called Tensegrity. In this workshop, we’ll explore that very concept by using therabands, blocks and the wall as feedback mechanisms to help feel, internalize and grow the principle of tensegrity throughout the body. We’ll work on radiating out from within while engaging opposing actions and see how far we can stretch our internal consciousness.

About Tiffany: Tiffany's teaching stems as much from her personal practice on the mat as from the hours of anatomical studies, advanced sequencing, breathwork and conscious embodiment courses she’s taken. For Tiffany, yoga is about creating space within whether it be physically through movement and breath or mentally between thoughts. She believes the body is an autobiography; it’s a living testimony to how we move (or don’t move) through the world and she believes the more embodied we are, the more capacity we have for personal transformation.


Yoga Foundations with Catie

Wednesday May 23rd, 30th & June 6th 5:30-6:30pm @Your Yoga Northeast

Join Catie on Wednesday May 23rd, 30th & June 6th at 5:30-6:30pm at the NE studio to explore the foundations of a yoga practice. These classes will be ideal for folks brand new to yoga (though don’t hesitate to come regardless of how long you’ve been practicing, the beauty of yoga is that the learning never ends!) This will be a low-key, relatable, & fun introduction to poses and the health benefits of a movement-based practice. Help us spread the message and invite the people in your life who’ve been keen to share yoga with but who have hesitated to come.

Each class will consist of a series of warm up stretches and movements then a different focus each week which will give you the opportunity to discover and experience for yourself the benefits of the poses and movements. You can come to all three classes or drop-in on any one of them.

These classes are included in the price of membership, intro week & intro month. You can also use class passes or come as a drop in. No registration is required.


Monthly Mixer

Saturday March 17th, 6:30pm-8pm @Your Yoga Uptown Free

Join us for a fun, casual potluck meal after the 5pm class.
Past Workshops

Spring Melt with Jenn and Mallory

Saturday April 7th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Uptown $35 ($30 students)

Join us for a spring awakening in this special workshop co-taught by Jenn and Mallory. We feel it -- Minnesota winters can be rough. Months of snowy cold can take a toll, not only on your body but on your sense of vitality as well. This workshop is designed for you to roll out the bundles of tension in your body, wake up your sense of aliveness through breath work, and then allow you to float through a series of restorative postures. You will leave feeling relaxed and energized, as well as equipped with practical self-care techniques to take home with you. No yoga experience necessary. Yoga tune-up balls and props will be provided. Feel free to bring your own if you prefer!.


Winter Thaw with Jenn & Mallory

Sunday March 11th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Uptown $35 ($30 students)

Join us for winter restoration and revitalization in this special workshop co-taught by Jenn and Mallory. We feel it -- Minnesota winters can be rough. Months of snowy cold can take a toll, not only on your body but on your sense of vitality as well. This workshop is designed for you to roll out the bundles of tension in your body, wake up your sense of aliveness through breath work, and then allow you to float through a series of restorative postures. You will leave feeling relaxed and energized, as well as equipped with practical self-care techniques to take home with you. No yoga experience necessary. Yoga tune-up balls and props will be provided. Feel free to bring your own if you prefer!


Move, Sit, Write to find your flow with Tatum Fjerstad

Wednesday February 28th 6pm-8pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($20 students)

In this workshop, you will use movement, meditation and free writing to take a journey from the external to the internal by way of observing your physical, mental and emotional states. Your teacher, Tatum Fjerstad, started using these this practice on a daily basis three years ago in an effort to cultivate more self awareness. This fostered a healthier relationship with herself and those around her. Who doesn’t want that?

In this installment of MOVE > SIT > WRITE, we will be focusing on using movements, meditations and writing prompts that will help you go with the flow when you’re feeling stuck or frozen with fear. As a graduate student in the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine program at Northwestern Health Sciences University, she plans to fuse what she’s learned about qi and the five phases of Chinese Medicine to help you find your flow.

To learn more about Tatum’s journey and MOVE > SIT > WRITE, you can check out her online offerings here. You can also visit her on Instagram or Facebook to see what she’s up to!


Yoga & Masculinity with Shane

Saturday February 24th 11:15am-12:15pm @Your Yoga Northeast $10 ($10 students)

Masculinity has defined much of our history. In recent months, many of the toxic impacts of unchecked masculinity have been brought to the surface and finally given the attention they deserve. Through this interactive discussion and yoga practice we’ll focus on balancing the masculine and feminine energies that exist within each person. From this place of balance we’ll have the opportunity to engage in conversation about creating an equilibrium that benefits, protects, and celebrates all gender identities. It’s through conversation and communities that we can take an active role in shaping what the future of masculinity looks like in our culture. Come join us for this important conversation. All genders of humans warmly welcomed at this special event!

Our guest teacher for this Dancing with Compassion session is Shane Prijatel-Spare. In addition to being a yoga teacher, Shane is a second-year graduate student in the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota. He is currently working on a research project aimed at increasing culturally appropriate access to mental health services to people who have recently immigrated to Minnesota. Proceeds go to Access Your Yoga, a Minnesota 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides yoga and wellness practices to communities that typically lack access.


Cozy Yoga

Sunday February 18th 7pm @Your Yoga Northeast Replaces 7pm class (normal class rates apply)

An extra warm & cozy 45min yin-style yoga class with candlelight, stretches, yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation.

This is the perfect opportunity to invite people in your life who might be intimidated by the pace and vocabulary of our open flow classes to share in the relaxation and calm of a yoga practice.

There’s no better way to set the tone for your week than practicing yoga on Sunday evening. This event is meant to be even more accessible than our usual classes and is equally beneficial for those new to the practice or with a well-worn in yoga mat.


Young Yogis (ages 3-10)

Saturday February 17th 10am & 1230pm @Your Yoga Northeast By Donation

Kids will do yoga and play games in one studio while parents or guardians practice with the regular open flow class in the adjacent studio.

This opportunity is offered free of charge. Donations will be accepted, with proceeds supporting Bolder Options, where at-risk youth and their mentors participate in yoga with Access Your Yoga teachers.

Participating in Young Yogis means that you and your little one will be able to tap into the balance, peace and wellness that comes from practicing yoga and share these qualities with other kids who might not otherwise get the chance!


Easy, Fun Meditation with Catie

Sat Jan 27th, Feb 3rd, Feb 10th 11:15am-12pm @Your Yoga Northeast From $10 {"sessions": ["Jan [email protected]:15am-12pm", "Sept [email protected]:15am-12pm", "Sept [email protected]:15am-12pm"], "regular": 15, "student": 10, "regular_all": 35, "student_all": 25}

As yogis, we are pretty good at giving—time, energy, donations—but most of us find it difficult to receive—a compliment, a gift, someone else offering to pay. In our Midwestern culture there is a greater emphasis on giving and many of us have internalized the idea that receiving is a far less noble act. Not only are we not so skilled at receiving, but we often confuse it with “taking.” We suspect receiving is selfish. The truth is that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin: to truly give with a grateful heart, you must be open to receive.

One of the great things about yoga is that it offers us the opportunity to look inward and to examine the origins of our beliefs: Why do we find it hard to receive compliments? Why do we feel obligated to give? Join Catie for this progressive 3-part series that will explore the practice of receiving. This series will not only leave you inspired by the resources around and within you, but also capable of expressing your gratitude and love with the world around you.


Metta Love Notes with Megan

Saturday February 3rd 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Uptown $25 ($20 students)

A handwritten letter is one of life's simplest and sweetest pleasures—both for the giver and receiver. In this era of text messages, Snapchat and Bitmojis, we rarely slow down enough to put pen to paper, yet letter writing can be a deeply satisfying way of spreading loving kindness. In this two-hour workshop, we'll use gentle, grounding movement and metta meditation to focus our attention on the people in our life. We'll then spend time writing notes inspired by our reflection. New and experienced practitioners alike are welcome—strengthening our relationships is something we can all benefit from. Pens and cards will be provided.

New Year's Revolution with David

Monday January 1st 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $35($25 students)

January is named after the Roman god Janus, who had two heads so he could always see the past and the future. Unsurprisingly, Janus was miserable. That guy needed to do more yoga to bring him into the present instead of regretting what's over and fearing what's to come.

Like Janus, we are often caught with one eye on the future and the other on the past, especially at the turn of the year. But the yogis have always taught that the capacity to fully experience the present is essential to living a fulfilling life.

In this 2-hour workshop, we will breathe, move and feel. We will come into the present moment. We will learn how to stop mortgaging today for a tomorrow that never comes.

BodyDharma for the New Year: Answering A Fierce Heart's Call to Live Your Best Life in 2018 with Femi

Sunday December 7th 9am-11am @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($25 students)

Come start the new year off right by joining Femi Akinnagbe for a 2-hour yogic exploration discussing purpose, passion, and how we can learn to heed the call from deep within and live out more purposeful lives. Drawing from the work of Spring Washam new book, "A Fierce Heart's Call", the workshop will explore the life of the Buddha prior to his enlightenment, and how the challenges and discontentment in his world led to his awakening. With the new year upon us, and the challenges and discontentment of our world ever before us, learn how you might utilize that which presses your heart to grow into the fullest expression of yourself in 2018. In addition to meditation and discussion, this workshop will also explore Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose) as a means of accessing our own internal fierce warriors. No experience in either is necessary and newcomers to the practice are very welcomed to come take part.


Root Cause with Megan

Wednesday November 29th 6pm-8pm @Your Yoga Northeast $25 ($20 students)

The Root Chakra is connected to our sense of security and belonging in the world. In this two-hour workshop, we’ll use movement, meditation, and mantra to bring awareness to your foundation. Through guided reflection and conversation, we’ll get to the source of our insecurities as we work to discern where we feel entangled, where we feel adrift, and how we can cultivate more nourishing roots. Proceeds from this Shakti Project initiative will go to support Tubman, an organization that helps support women, children and families struggling with domestic violence.


Core of the Core with Catie

Saturday December 2nd 10am-12pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($25 students)

When we hear "core" we often think of six-pack abs and bicycle crunches, which means being out of breath and burning muscles. This traditional way of approaching "the core," strengthening only the exterior abdominal muscles, might look good from society standards, but leaves other areas of the body at risk of injury and imbalance.

Alternatively, some yogis have swung to the opposite extreme and fall into patterns of weakness and collapse. In this workshop you'll explore the the central corridor of the body in a way that allows you to connect with finesse and confidence rather then gripping muscles with brute force. With an emphasis on mobility of the pelvis and engagement of the hips, low back and the abdomen you'll learn how to activate important stabilizing muscles that often go neglected.

There will be direct applications to yoga poses, as well as when you're outside of the studio walls. We'll use a variety of ways of learning and experiencing during this workshop--information, movement and even a little meditation. You'll leave feeling energized and well-equipped with functional skills you can come back to time and time again.

**Price for BOTH Core of the Core AND Comfort & Joy: $55 ($45 students)**


Comfort and Joy with Megan

Saturday December 2nd 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($25 students)

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and gift yourself two hours of comfort and joy. In this sweeter-than-eggnog restorative workshop we’ll snuggle bolsters, wrap ourselves up in blankets, and learn some soothing self-care practices that you can sneak in between cookie exchanges and bobsled races.

Come slow down and center yourself so you can really appreciate what this season is supposed to be all about: presence.

**Price for BOTH Core of the Core AND Comfort & Joy: $55 ($45 students)**


Easy, Fun Meditation with Catie

Weds Sept 6th, 13th, 20th 6pm-7pm @Your Yoga Northeast From $15 {"sessions": ["Sept [email protected]", "Sept [email protected]", "Sept [email protected]"], "regular": 20, "student": 15, "regular_all": 40, "student_all": 30}

How often when someone asks you how you are doing do you respond with either 1. Good or 2. Busy? And when you say good, you really mean busy but you don’t have time to explain.

In modern society the busyness as a lifestyle approach often seems like the only option available; but it’s an option that leaves us worn down, tired, and depleted of the amazing resource that is time (aka life). Busyness impacts our relationships, our sleep and our overall health.

Through the meditation techniques that we’ll practice in this progressive three-part series, you’ll learn how to trade busyness for the far more powerful skill of presence. Rather than coming up with strategies to get organized, work fewer hours, or make to-do lists, we’ll practice meditation techniques that were specifically chosen to enhance your experience of living regardless of what you’re up to. As a by-product it’s quite possible that you’ll be more organized, work fewer hours, and actually complete stuff on those lists that you already know how to create.

However, far more valuable than those things you’ll tap into the richness of being alive with purpose, creativity & excitement.


Lean On Me: a Playful Partnering Workshop with Ori Flomin

Saturday September 9th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($20 students)

In this fun and playful class we will explore the benefits of partnering Yoga.

Partnered yoga helps to deepen and increase the stretch and impact of a yoga posture. One partner’s body weight can be used to increase the pressure on the other (without pain). Working together with another yogi not only provides physical support but it can help build trust and the ability to let-go and surrender as well as communicate through understanding each others body and breath which can open our eyes to new possibilities in our own practice.

A partner serves like a mirror, to help with proper alignment, balance and concentration. At the same time there is a level of playfulness, fun and laughter.

In this class we will begin with a gentle vinyasa warm-up and then move into an Asana practice with the assistance of partners.

Practitioners do not have to come with a partner, quite the opposite – getting to know and experience new bodies is a wonderful way to expand your yoga practice.

Ori Flomin is a New York based Choreographer, Dance and Yoga teacher, and Shiatsu practitioner. Originally from Israel he moved to New York City to persue a career as a professional dancer and since then has toured internationally as a performer and teacher for the past twenty years. You can learn more about his work here.


Hip Hip Hooray with Ori Flomin

Wednesday August 23rd 6pm-8pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($20 students)

Our hips are the junction between our upper body and legs…they are deep and complex ball and socket joints. Tight hips can cause many problems and issues not only in our hip joints but also in our knees, ankles, lower back, spine, and shoulders.

Hip-opening asanas as practiced in this workshop will increase the range of motion, and increase fluidity of hip movement in all directions. The hip-opening poses are challenging, but offer a variety of physical and emotional benefits and are good for relieving stress and anxiety. Often when we are able to stretch our hips deeply into our hips we can feel a great emotional release as if the emotions were "trapped" within the joint. This release can bring a strong sensation of energy and rejuvenation.

In this class we will explore many hip-opening Asanas as well as vinyasa sequences (movement routines) that promote the sensation of mobility in the joints. We will open the hips in standing, seated and supine poses. (Also, some shoulder stretching will be applied, as there is a connection between these joints and the hips.)

The class is open to all levels of yogis as there are always options to lessen or increase the challenge.

Ori Flomin is a New York based Choreographer, Dance and Yoga teacher, and Shiatsu practitioner. Originally from Israel he moved to New York City to persue a career as a professional dancer and since then has toured internationally as a performer and teacher for the past twenty years. You can learn more about his work here.


Summer Chill Pill(ow) with Megan

Sunday August 13th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($25 students)

There is nothing quite so glorious as a Minnesota summer. After the long, cold slog of winter, we’re eager to make the most of our sultriest season. If you’re feeling a little overheated and overexposed from all those picnics, bike rides, and rooftops, join Megan for Summer Chill Pill(ow). In this two-hour restorative workshop, we’ll quiet down our minds and recharge our bodies while listening to sweet summer jams. You'll leave feeling cooler than a dreamsicle.


Sirsasana with Megan

Saturday June 17th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($25 students)

Called the "king of asanas" by B.K.S. Iyengar, headstand is one of the oldest documented yoga poses. While it was originally performed as an act of tapaysa, or austerity, today we do headstand because it's fun.

In this workshop we'll spend two hours unpacking supported headstand and tripod headstand. We'll learn about alignment and anatomy, explore different ways of approaching the pose, and spice things up with fun variations. No headstand expertise is required, just a willingness to try.

Shakti: The Feminine Energy of Yoga with Megan & Jenn

Saturday May 13th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Uptown $25 ($20 students)

Within the yoga tradition, Shakti is the ultimate change agent. In contrast with other traditions, which often describe “feminine” energy as cool and passive, Shakti is dynamic and active. She is the divine incarnation of creativity and empowerment and a solid proto-feminist role model.

In this two-hour workshop, we’ll examine the ways in which we get cut off from Shakti’s liberating influence. Through movement, meditation and reflection, we’ll tap into your wellspring of creativity and unearth your potential for greater self-expression.

Mothers' Day Class with David & Eric

Sunday May 14th 11:15am-12pm @Your Yoga Northeast $14 ($14 students)

This mothers' day join David and Eric (and their moms!) in a celebration of the unique relationship between mothers & their children. This 45 minute class will use yogic practices that explore the richness that exists in your relationship and leverage that to celebrate and empower a deeper connection to the love between you. There will also be time following the workshop for tea & conversation where you'll have the opportunity to meet & mingle with the moms and/or kids of your fellow yogi!.

The class is 100% suitable for people who have never done yoga, and does not require any physical flexibility!

Bhavana: The Yoga of Good Habits with Sophie

Saturday May 6th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $25 ($18 students)

The fresh energies of spring, green grass, and budding flowers inspire us to look to our earthly gardens and get ready to plant. It's also the perfect time to turn inwards, to investigate and cultivate the habits growing within us like seeds in soil.

Bhavana literally means to cultivate and nurture, like a gardner tends her garden. This workshop is the opportunity to investigate the seeds of your habits and to plant and nourish new seeds of your own choosing. We'll accomplish this using the chakra system, vinyasa practice, and specific meditations specially chosen for this purpose. Stick around afterwards for a plant and seed exchange!

Easy, Fun Meditation with Catie

Sat April 1st, 8th, 15th 11:15am-12:15pm @Your Yoga Northeast From $15 {"sessions": ["Apr [email protected]:15am-12:15pm", "Apr [email protected]:15am-12:15pm", "Apr [email protected]:15am-12:15pm"], "regular": 20, "student": 15, "regular_all": 40, "student_all": 30}

In modern society, we are often preoccupied with output, efficiency, and getting things done. This goal-oriented approach can leave us feeling tired, depleted, and like we’re always behind. As a consequence, we look for ways to be more efficient that reinforce the same self-defeating cycle: how can we get even more done in even less time?

Through the meditation techniques that we’ll practice in this progressive three-part series, you’ll learn how to trade efficiency for the far more powerful skill of effectiveness. Rather than maximizing the quantity of your output while active, we'll focus on enhancing the quality of your experience while resting.

The meditations in this series are specially chosen for their capacity to improve the quality of your relaxation time. That means you get to experience real rejuvenation. And, as a by-product, you'll be able to return to your work with a sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Restorative Yoga with Kelsey

Saturday April 15th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($20 students)

As the weather starts to warm up, we usually find ourselves expending more energy. Whether you're moving for work or for play, it's easy to get swept up in all of the activity. Moments of quiet self-care can be hard to come by, so take time to fit some Restorative Yoga into your schedule.

In this two-hour workshop we'll use props and specially designed poses to give you an afternoon of relaxation and restoration. You'll come away with more knowledge on using props to enhance your practice and help you access a place of quiet to refresh.

Dynamic Alignment with Jenn

Sun April 23rd 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Uptown $30 ($20 Students)

Despite commonly held ideas about yoga postures, there is no perfect standard of a pose to strive toward. Rather, effective alignment is dynamic—a moving target that is specific to each person's changing body.

In this workshop, you'll learn to embody principles of dynamic alignment from a movement-based perspective. Explore how imagery and a three-dimensional understanding of your body can lead to a more fluid, integrated practice. Effective alignment in your yoga practice will help take strain out of your joints to create an overall sense of ease, as well as affect posture and movement habits off the mat. Jenn will offer individual feedback and guidance to each participant throughout the workshop. Come with curiosity and questions!

Yoga & Relationships with Megan & David

Sat & Sun Feb 11, 12 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast From $20 {"sessions": ["Feb [email protected]","Feb [email protected]"], "regular": 30, "student": 20, "regular_all": 50, "student_all": 30}

Saturday Feb 11 - Yoga And Relationships

Yoga is a deeply personal practice, yet one which is capable of connecting us powerfully with others. Using practices and philosophies from the yogic tradition, this 2 hour workshop will empower you to bring the peace and contentment you experience through your yoga practice into your relationships with family, friends, colleagues and new acquaintances.

Sunday Feb 12 - Couples Workshop

This session will take the yogic framework of day 1 and apply it specifically to your romantic partnership. Explore how to love more fully, listen more clearly, and celebrate each day for the gift it truly is. Participation in day 1 is not required to register for day 2, though it will enhance the experience. Both workshops are 100% suitable for people who have never done yoga, and do not require any physical flexibility.

Easy, Fun Meditation with Catie

Sat Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11 11:30am-12:15pm @Your Yoga Northeast From $10 {"sessions": ["Jan [email protected]", "Feb [email protected]", "Feb [email protected]"], "regular": 14, "student": 10, "regular_all": 40, "student_all": 27}

Do you want to start a consistent meditation practice? Or do you already have one and want to breathe fresh life into it? These lively, accessible sessions will include 15 mins of light movement, 15 mins of discussion and personal reflection, and a 15 min guided meditation. The classes are timed so that you can easily take the 10am or 1230pm flow class in combination with the meditation sessions.

The benefits of a regular meditation practice include greater equanimity, compassion, and joy. Through these classes, you will enjoy a taste of all of all these experiences, and will also gain the tools you need to continue to continue to cultivate the inner life through your personal practice.

Mobility Workshop with David

Sun Feb 5 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Uptown $35 ($25 Students)

There is no correlation between flexible joints and a happy life. Nonetheless, an expanded, stable, free range of motion is one of life's great pleasures. Moreover, when your joints are balanced and supple, you experience less pain, are better protected from injury, and can maintain independence as you age.

This workshop will use mobilization techniques from a wide range of modalities, that will open you up where you're tight and stabilize you where you're weak. What's more, none of the techniques will require above-average, or even average flexibility. So bring your friends and family who've always been too intimidated to try yoga because they thought they weren't flexible enough!

Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N Roll, and Yoga with David

Saturday Jan 7 10am-11:30am, Saturday Jan 14 10am-11:30am, Saturday Jan 21 10am-11:30am @Your Yoga Uptown From $16 {"sessions": ["Jan [email protected]:30am","Jan [email protected]:30am", "Jan [email protected]:30am"], "regular": 20, "student": 16, "regular_all": 50, "student_all": 40, "batch": {"2": {"regular": 40, "student": 32}}}

In the 1970s, psychoanalysis came under criticism on the grounds that it contained implicit moral judgments on what constitues a "healthy" person, and that these judgments served to keep people docile and preserve the status quo. At times, it seems the same arguments could be made about yoga. In the modern era, much of the yoga scene has been co-opted by consumerism, and may promote complacency and elitism. But yoga has a fine history of counter-culturalism (alongside an undeniable history of conservatism). In this series, we will look into these paradoxical aspects of yoga practice both historically and in our contemporary world - starting with yoga's relationship to sexuality, then to drugs, and then to civil disobedience and activism. We will also do plenty of physical practice, though sadly no drugs or sex will be provided.

Restorative Yoga with Kelsey

Saturday December 10th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($20 students)

Treat yourself to come comfort and joy this holiday season with this rejuvenating 2-hour workshop. Using props, breath, and stillness, we'll explore what it means to find quiet in your body and peace in your mind.

Yoga Tune-Up with David

Saturday December 3rd 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $35 ($25 students)

Yoga is amazing for your body, and it's even better when paired with massage/bodywork. However, regular massage is often cost prohibitive for most people. Yoga Tune-Up is a great system that gives you many of the benefits of massage, with the advantage that you can do it yourself at home for relatively minimal cost.

In this workshop, I will teach you various techniques for systematically freeing and soothing major muscle groups. We will also work on hidden "key" muscles which unlock mobility in the shoulders and hips. In the process, you will learn some really useful anatomy, which can inform your normal practice. And you will leave with self-care tools that can keep your body feeling great even when you can't make it to the studio.

NB You will be provided with a set of Yoga Tune-Up Balls for the workshop. You will have the option to purchase them afterwards at a significantly discounted price.

Dancing With Compassion

Sunday Dec 4th 2016 10am-11:30am @Your Yoga Uptown By Donation 10

Healing The Divide

The recent election cycle has been filled with hostility and division, and many people are looking for ways to foster understanding and connection. Yogic traditions teach that suffering can either cause us to close in on ourselves, or empower us to open to and understand the suffering of others. In this workshop, you will explore yogic techniques and meditations to deepening your understanding of and connection with others, especially those with whom you disagree passionately. You will then have the opportunity to use this as a platform for initiating conversations with important people in your life with whom you have disagreements or unresolved tensions relating to either the political or personal spheres.

Lila (Yoga & Creative Movement) with Jenn

Saturday November 19th 230pm-430pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($20 students)

Free yourself from limitations in Lila, a workshop that brings elements of modern dance and improvisation into a yoga practice. What does it mean to follow your body's sense of intuition? How can you find freedom on your mat and in your life? How can a creative approach to movement unlock your creative potential? We will use movement to explore these questions together. This isn't a dance class or a typical asana practice, but a unique experience informed by Jenn's movement research as a yogi and dancer. Unsure what to expect? Awesome. Great discoveries arise from venturing into the unknown.

Santosha (Yoga & Contentment) with Catie

Sunday November 20th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $30 ($20 students)

It's common in our daily lives to operate from a place of deficit. We feel like we don't quite have everything that we need, whether that be time, money, support, or our own skills and abilities. This way of being leaves us feeling drained and unhappy as we continually grasp for what is just around the corner. Through movement, reflection and guided meditation we will explore the yogic concept of Santosha, or contentment, which can radically shift our perspective (and lives) from a place of inadequacy to one of abundance (and possibility)that already exists within and around us.

Only Love Can Drive Out Hate

Saturday November 12th, 10am-11:30am @Both Studios Free

Come to either studio this Saturday from 10am-11:30am for a special post-election session of healing through yoga, meditation, and compassionate conversation


A Weekend With Isaac Peña

Saturday Oct 8 10am-12pm, Saturday Oct 8 2pm-4pm, Sunday Oct 9 10am-12pm @Your Yoga Northeast From $35 {"sessions": ["Oct [email protected]","Oct [email protected]", "Oct [email protected]"], "regular": 50, "student": 35, "regular_all": 108, "student_all": 81, "batch": {"2": {"regular": 90, "student": 65}}}

After a 2-year gap, Isaac is back! These three awesome workshops have been intentionally designed to be taken as a trio, but will also leave you feeling amazing even if you can only make one (or two). All levels of experience are welcome, and these workshops will be a terrific way to get into some of the more intimidating elements of the physical practice in an accessible, empowering way. Whatever your background, these workshops will open up something new for you, and will be a fun, deep, challenging, and uplifting experience.

  • Saturday morning: Flight Club (focused on inversions)
  • Saturday afternoon: Liquid Spine (focused on backbends)
  • Sunday morning: True Flexibility (focused on hip-and-shoulder opening)
Isaac Peña began practicing martial arts at seven and Zen meditation at nine. For the past two decades he has studied with renowned yoga teachers such as David Life and Sharon Gannon, Dharma Mittra, Glen Black, Richard Freeman, Rodney Yee, David Swenson, Nancy Gilgoff, Manouso Manos, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty. In Thailand, he studied and was certified to practice and teach Thai bodywork. He lives and teaches in New York City.

Yin City with Megan

Saturday October 1st 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Uptown $35 ($25 students)

In this two hour-workshop we'll use gentle movement, props, and held postures to work into specific myofascial meridians in the body, creating greater energetic tone and balance. Blending both Eastern and Western frameworks for viewing the body, Yin City will offer first-hand experience of the tremendous benefits waiting to be reaped from the quieter, more yielding mind-body practices.

Yoga for Runners & Cyclists

Saturday Sept 17th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga Northeast $35 ($25 students)

It sure feels great to get outside and run or bike in the summer, does't it? But for most people stiffness and pain are an inevitable consequence. And let's face it, if you're feeling tight from running or biking, chances are most conventional stretching feels uncomfortable. But it doesn't have to be that way. In this workshop, we will learn targeted stretches and special stretching methods that work much better for overtaxed muscles, especially in the hips and legs, plus the shoulders and upper back. And we will also work on undoing the spinal compression that usually occurs during running and cycling.

Overall, this Yoga for Cyclists and Runners workshop is designed to accomplish three things:
  • Repair any damage you may have done over the summer
  • Give you tools and tips to enable you to run and/or bike more in future without so much collateral damage
  • Teach you a customizable routine that will leave you feeling great now and in future whenever you choose to use it

    Yoga & Acupuncture

    Saturday Sept 10th 2pm-4:30pm @Your Yoga Uptown $35 ($30 students)

    Join us for a unique healing experience! In the first half of this two-and-a-half-hour workshop we’ll discuss the philosophy behind acupuncture, the physiology of healing, and the parallels between Chinese Medicine and yoga. In the second half, we’ll settle in restorative-style for a community acupuncture treatment and guided yoga nidra session. Space is limited to 10 people, so reserve your spot today!

    About Emma: Emma Penelope Broderick, M.Om, Dipl. OM, L.Ac, studied at Northwestern Health Sciences University, in Bloomington Minnesota, graduating Summa Cum Laude for both Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. Emma has also received certifications in Reiki, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga, with additional international trainings in massage and nutritional therapy. She has studied and worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, such as, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital, Salvation Army community clinic, and Present Moments Yoga Retreat.

    Dancing With Compassion V

    Sunday August 21st 10-11:30am @Your Yoga Uptown By Donation 10

    Mudita: A World That Works For Everybody

    The concept of mudita has no counterpart in the English language, but it is essentially the inverse of schadenfreude. Mudita means the capacity to experience satisfaction and joy when we see other people succeed and thrive. Buddha and the early yogis considered this one of the four key characteristics of an enlightened mind. In this workshop, you will use a guided process to connect with the ways in which you are already making a positive impact in the world. We will share in one another's successes, and learn some powerful meditation techniques to strengthen our connection to mudita.

    Proceeds go to Access Your Yoga, a Minnesota 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides yoga and wellness practices to communities that typically lack access.

    Dancing With Compassion IV

    Sunday July 17th 10-11:30am @Your Yoga By Donation 10

    Yoga and Feminism II: Being an Ally is a Practice

    This discussion will explore how our yoga practice can help us be more effective allies in the work of ending oppression. We will explore how yoga can help us sit with the discomfort, uncertainty, and empowerment of ally work. Participants will leave with some specific tips for being allies and some deeper reflections on the complexity of showing up to build more compassionate and just communities.

    Proceeds go to Access Your Yoga, a Minnesota 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides yoga and wellness practices to communities that typically lack access.

    Chakra Series with Megan

    Saturdays June 25th, July 2nd & July 16th 10am-12pm @Your Yoga From $15 {"sessions": ["June [email protected]", "July [email protected]", "July [email protected]"], "regular": 20, "student": 15, "regular_all": 50, "student_all": 40}

    In this three-part series we'll use a variety of techniques—movement, meditation, vibration, and visualization—to create balance and clarity within our major energetic centers. Each session will explore two different chakras in depth, uncovering the dynamic relationships at work in the subtle body.

    Each workshop costs $20 to attend ($15 Student Rate). Or you can sign up for all three for $50 ($40 Students).

    Move, Sit, Write

    Sat May 14th & Sun May 15th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga From $25 {"sessions": ["May [email protected]","May [email protected]"], "regular": 35, "student": 25, "regular_all": 60, "student_all": 40}

    Saturday (Writing & Meditation to Find Your Voice)

    In this workshop, we will radically redesign our relationship with the word “focus,” (it’s not what you think!) and learn how to check in with ourselves in a true, raw, unedited way.

    As a group, we will practice sensory meditations, vedic meditation and a series of free-writing exercises to hear stories we tell, blast through blocks and step into the knowing that the inner teacher truly is a brilliant ally.

    Please bring: a pen, a journal and an open mind. We won’t be practicing asana, but you should be prepared to sit comfortably.

    Sunday (Writing & Meditation for Manifestation)

    How do you get to a place where you’re writing creative, authentic things that you’d be willing to share with the public?

    Using a series of meditations, writing exercises and a group artwork project, you’ll examine your inner landscape and honestly assess about what you’re working with. You will leave class with a renewed commitment to a daily meditation and writing practice, a fresh perspective on your patterns, and a playbook for how you can rewrite the stories you’re telling yourself.

    Please bring: a pen, a journal and 1-3 printed photo photo-wksgraphs or images (ie. from a magazine or book) that inspire you.

    Dancing With Compassion III

    Sunday May 15th 10-11:30am @Your Yoga By Donation 10

    This interactive discussion will explore how gender operates in our lives and in society. Using a feminist framework, we will explore social constructions of gender, for women, men, transfolk, genderqueer individuals, and so on. How does gender show up in our yoga practice? How can we combine feminist and yogic principles to create more empowered, compassionate, and just communities? All genders welcome.

    Proceeds go to Access Your Yoga, a Minnesota 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides yoga and wellness practices to communities that typically lack access.

    Spring Awakening

    Saturday March 26th 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga $30 ($20 students)

    This workshop is an opportunity for you to restore a sense of balance within your nervous system, while at the same time energetically opening your body. We will begin with some seated movement to gently mobilize your muscles and joints, supported yin postures, and some intentional breath work to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and prepare for a restful and rejuvenating practice.

    The second half of our time together will include hands on Thai massage assists, restorative postures, and a Yoga Nidra Meditation. This workshop is designed to be accessible to all levels, all that's required is a commitment to relax and allow for the sediment of our busy lives to quietly settle.

    Dancing With Compassion

    Sunday March 13th 2016 2pm-4pm @Your Yoga $20 ($10 students)

    Yoga and meditation are often presented as ways to escape from everyday life. At other times, yogic philosophy is glossed into a “go with the flow” attitude towards circumstances and events. In this workshop, we will explore a branch of yoga that has deep historical roots, yet is under-represented today: yoga as compassionate, skillful action in the world.

    The workshop will empower you to make a difference for your friends, family and community. You will leave feeling motivated and inspired, and with a deeper sense of connectedness to all beings. Additionally, you will leave with tools to enable you to return to that place of connectedness at will so that you can make the decisions that matter with skill and compassion.